Thinking big: Parkway Plaza expanding business opportunities locally

The newly constructed building positioned along Lost Creek Parkway on the north edge of town sticks out. It’s big, luxurious, it might even look a little out of place in a rural Nebraska community.

All of that is just fine with Renee Mueller, partial owner of the 13,000-square-foot Parkway Plaza complex and owner of the local office of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices/Premier Real Estate.

“We’ve had some naysayers, some people who thought, ‘well, Columbus isn’t ready for this yet. You don’t need this building, you don’t need the magnitude of this building. You’re not in Omaha anymore,’ – we’ve heard that several times,” Mueller said Thursday morning inside of the complex, 4471 41st Ave.

“But for me it’s like, ‘no, we are going big,’ because we want to draw in like-minded individuals here … And so somebody has to get that ball rolling, and that is what we wanted to do.”

Mueller and her Berkshire associates on Thursday morning hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony with several members of the community and a horde of red-jacket-wearing Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce commodores. Later in the evening, an open house was held at Parkway Plaza for the public to come out and learn more about what’s happening with the project, which took root in mid-2017 when Mueller, her husband, Tyler, and Arizonians/former Columbus residents Jeff and Shirin Thiele invested in the property.

The building has six office spaces and five have been filled. Berkshire, Applied Connective Technologies and Charter Title & Escrow take up the second floor, while Big Apple Bagels, Omaha-based All Makes and one vacant space are on the first. Big Apple Bagels, which the Columbus community has anxiously waited for since last year’s announcement, is expected to open sometime at the end of September.

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