Applied Connective’s Educates Customers on the Power of Microsoft Office 365

Fullerton, NE – March 2019 – Applied Connective, a leader in unified communications, announced today that they have launched an awareness campaign to help their customers to leverage the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft’s software is ubiquitous in the business world and this latest development will greatly impact the way business gets done across the globe.


Microsoft Office 365 is a package of software programs and services that Microsoft has put together in order to dramatically enhance office productivity. They have dedicated a massive amount of their resources and focus to ensure that it is a success, which means that the majority of business owners will be using these tools in the near future, whether they transition now or later. The package includes Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Link and Microsoft Skydrive, which all work together seamlessly to create a much-improved user experience. These programs open up new ways of collaborating online, bringing the power of Microsoft Office to the mobile environment and improving communication amongst team members more than ever before.


“When Microsoft makes a massive change, every business that uses a PC is affected,” stated Ed Knott, Applied Connective president. “This new advance is about tying everything together so Microsoft users can collaborate regardless of the device they’re using or where they’re physically located. This tool helps businesses owners collaborate securely, while giving their employees the tools they need to be successful.”


One of the most dramatic differences between Microsoft Office 365 and the existing suite of Microsoft tools is that it eliminates the need for purchasing additional licenses year after year. This answers one of the most frustrating problems that business owners have faced, and with this development they can finally get everyone in the company using the same software with the same version at the same time. This provides business owners with a suite of technology tools, priced on a per-person model, that can scale up as the business grows.


Microsoft 365 has an extremely wide range of capabilities. However, the functionality ranges from real-time, online document collaboration to email/task management to calendar synchronization across devices to instant messaging and more. The bottom line is that new technology exists in order to assist business owners in accomplishing their strategic objectives. This is exactly why companies need to spend the time strategizing with a trusted IT advisor in order to leverage all of the power in this technology.


“The most intelligent business owners will leverage this transition period to outperform their competitors,” added Knott. “By devising a strategic plan, educating themselves on the new possibilities and finding ways to utilize Microsoft Office 365 to accelerate the accomplishment of those initiatives, business owners can gain a steep competitive advantage.”