Applied Connective offers innovative data backup solutions to protect their customers’ critical information

ALBION, NEBR — April 12, 2020 — Applied Connective, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company is offering innovative, off-site data backup solutions to protect their customers’ critical information. In an effort to enhance business continuity planning among the region’s small- to mid-sized companies, Applied Connective provides owners with the peace of mind knowing that their valuable information is continually backed up in the event of a natural disaster, power outage or virus attack.

More than ever before, today’s market is pressing owners to reexamine the threats that could cause business interruption. According to an information security breaches survey conducted by DTI/PriceWaterhouse, 70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in 2 years. Many risks are unavoidable, but technological advances have created a way for businesses to continue to run smoothly, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Organizations of all sizes are generating and depending on larger amounts of dat that must be readily available and easily accessible. Consequently, companies have to effectively manage more infrastructure resources, including servers, networks and storage, to ensure data is protected in a timely manner while at the same time providing adequate performance and capacity and securing data for access when needed. Unfortunately, the archaic data backup method for most companies is to back up vital information on a data tape and let an employee, such as an IT manager, take it home for safe keeping. Today’s latest technology enables the backup of information to take place on the “cloud” instead of servers on-site. Therefore, if an event or incident should occur, the business can keep running as if nothing happened.

“As a business owner, operating without a backup solution in place is like driving 100mph without wearing a seatbelt,” Ed Knott, Applied Connective company president says. “It’s incredibly risky. The pace of today’s business environment is faster than it has ever been, and business owners cannot afford to lose their valuable data.”

All businesses face a certain degree of risk, but most intelligent business owners are looking to eliminate unnecessary risks as well as uncertainty. Disaster recovery solutions provide business owners with a safety net that enables organizations to get back up and running before anyone notices that there was a slip-up. Whether a natural disaster, virus attack or power outage, remote data backup provides businesses with the assurance that they will be able to thrive.