Applied Connective donates to Fullerton Food Pantry

On Thursday, July 2nd, staff from local IT company Applied Connective Technologies (Albion, Columbus) non-perishable goods to the Fullerton Food Pantry. This marks the third year the company has worked with Terri Larsen to deliver a sizable donation.

As part of their Philanthropy Program, which encourages employees to get involved in charitable causes in their communities, each June, the group divides into teams and competes to collect the most items—canned foods, boxed meals, household supplies, and other shelf stable goods—to donate to local food pantries.

This year’s competition theme was WWE, and teams got in the spirit by inventing on-brand team names (like The Bulk Hogans, Stone Cold Steve Awesome, The Piledrivers, and The People’s Elbow Macaroni) and “fighting” to donate the most items.

Staff members say they were able to fill two vans and one pickup full of items and divvied up the collection between the Fullerton, Boone County and Platte County food pantries, communities in which most of their employees reside.