It’s Music to the Ears for the Fullerton Football/Track Complex

By Dr. Jeff Anderson

Wednesday, July 18, 2020 (FULLERTON, NEBR) – If you have heard some great tunes coming from the Fullerton football/track complex in recent weeks, it has been a sampling and testing of the new sound system installed this summer. Due to a need to deal with a failing and outdated sound system at the complex, an effort was put forth to make improvements. That effort was assisted by some incredible local support making the project a reality.

The project was put into action under the direction of the Fullerton School Board.

Dr. Jeff Anderson, superintendent of Fullerton Public Schools, worked with representatives from Applied Connective Technologies to design a quality sound system that would allow for both the playing of music and produce a quality speaking sound. The system was created and then proposed at a cost of $14,657.

While the school district had limited funds available for such a project, Dr. Anderson reached out to the Fullerton Track Committee (through Kurt Pickrel) that proceeded to donate $5,000. Next, the Fullerton Booster Club (through Shelli Horacek) was approached. The Boosters contributed $7,000. A Margaret Russell Grant submitted by Dr. Anderson covered the remaining $2,657.

In weeks to come, we will continue to work with the system’s features that include both Bluetooth capability and wireless microphones. A sincere “thank you” goes out to the Fullerton Booster Club, Fullerton Track Committee, the representatives of the Margaret Russell Grant and all those connected with the generous donations to those entities making the funds possible. A big “thank you” also goes out to Ryan Robinson and the crew from Applied Connective Technologies for designing and installing the new system. This is, once again, a project that resulted from amazing contributions, support and efforts.

Applied Connective donates to Fullerton Food Pantry

On Thursday, July 2nd, staff from local IT company Applied Connective Technologies (Albion, Columbus) non-perishable goods to the Fullerton Food Pantry. This marks the third year the company has worked with Terri Larsen to deliver a sizable donation.

As part of their Philanthropy Program, which encourages employees to get involved in charitable causes in their communities, each June, the group divides into teams and competes to collect the most items—canned foods, boxed meals, household supplies, and other shelf stable goods—to donate to local food pantries.

This year’s competition theme was WWE, and teams got in the spirit by inventing on-brand team names (like The Bulk Hogans, Stone Cold Steve Awesome, The Piledrivers, and The People’s Elbow Macaroni) and “fighting” to donate the most items.

Staff members say they were able to fill two vans and one pickup full of items and divvied up the collection between the Fullerton, Boone County and Platte County food pantries, communities in which most of their employees reside.

Nance County Journal “Getting to Know: Will Zoucha”

FULLERTON, Nebr., April 24th, 2019 —

Will Zoucha

Will Zoucha, Voice Manager at Applied Connective Technologies

Family: Megan (spouse), Aurora (4) and Miles (1)

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, NE

What do you enjoy most about your business?
I enjoy knowing all the people that I’ve met over the last eight years. It is very rewarding to build a relationship with a client and be trusted to support them with all their technology needs. In many cases, not only are we providing highly effective solutions, but we are also saving them money.

What do you feel is the greatest asset of your business?
Easily the greatest asset of Applied Connective is our staff. We have a wide range of personalities, but we’re all small-town Nebraska kids at heart and take great pride in helping our neighbors. Most of us moved away for education but, having experienced this lifestyle, were drawn back and once again live in or within minutes of Fullerton and Albion.

What did you want to be when you were a youngster?
I had plans to be an astronaut, professional athlete or farmer.

Hobbies: I like to grill, listen to music, play/work outside and go to movies/concerts with my wife.

Favorite TV show: Sporting events.

Goals yet to achieve:
There are specific markets that we need to have a bigger footprint in. There is always a new technology that we need to be able to offer to our clients and implement successfully.

What would you like to see done towards the improvement of Fullerton?
When my family decided to move to Fullerton eight years ago, we had some trouble finding a home to rent. We began looking in Albion and Central City, but luckily, things worked out, and we were able to purchase a home in Fullerton. I don’t think much has changed for housing in Fullerton, and I’d hate to see another family choose to live elsewhere.